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The Marita Western Balkans is focused on drug prevention in the three following areas

Prevention in Schools

Lectures are intended for pupils of elementary and secondary schools aged 12-18 and last for two school hours. Lecturers alert young people to a wide range of consequences and dangers related to drug addiction and motivate them to develop the right attitude in advance and say “no” to drugs when they are tempted to try them, i.e. that they never even try them.


Prevention for Parents

Lectures are intended for parents, with an emphasis on the influence of family and upbringing on the development of personality. They present the most common models of parenting, which can contribute to the subsequent abuse of drugs as one of the ways in which young people face the challenges of growing up.


Individual Counseling

The counseling includes personalised support to drug addicts and their families, assistance in selecting an adequate recovery program, preparation of addicts for entry into rehabilitation centers in the region and for adapting to new circumstances after successful rehabilitation.



Some comments on prevention workshops from school officials:

Marita Blog

News and articles about events about prevention

School Year 2016/2017

Marita lecturers held 90 workshops on the prevention of drug abuse during the academic year 2016/2017. These were attended by a total of 3,640 pupils. We were very pleased that the pupils took the workshops seriously and were keen to ...


School Year 2015/2016

During the school year 2015/2016, Marita lecturers held 98 workshops on the topic of drug abuse prevention, attended by a total of 3,100 pupils. We are especially pleased with the high level of their interest in this topic, as well ...


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